Why Did Henson Sign these Books?

Jim Henson built his company to be people-centric and artist-centric. One instance: sending Christmas gifts to all the guests of the Muppet Show. 

These are a few books autographed to Buddy Rich, Lola Falana, Carol (Burnett or Channing), and Dale Evans:



These inscribed books mention "Dave" - David Lazer, the show's producer who shepherded the guests around London throughout their stay, hobnobbing with Gilda Radner, Bob Hope, and other major stars of the 1970s. It's interesting to me to wonder whose idea it was to send signed books - Henson's or his business manager?

 Henson loved to give lavish gifts - a check for millions, a new car, or a handmade sculpture project. But David Lazer had the mind of a good businessman, honed at IBM, and encouraged Henson to give out more "attaboys" to keep people happy. 

Looking at the last image here, we don't see "Dave," so perhaps the idea came from Henson. I would guess it wasn't your typical mgmt technique to keep business connections flowing, but  as a personal gesture of kindness. Perhaps adding Lazer's name was also a gesture - a gift to Lazer, who so enjoyed his brushes with fame.

What do you think?